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Qbox    has    specialist    teams    who    have developed in-depth copier industry knowledge to help you find the best copier solution for your business. We have dedicated product experts with over 25 years’ experience in copiers who work closely with leading copier suppliers to find options that match your specific business needs.

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Comparing Photocopiers & Copiers 2018

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Desktop Photocopiers

There are many options when it comes to desktop copiers as well as many brands. Konica Minolta copiers and Canon copiers are generally leading the way when it comes to South African businesses copiers but Samsung copiers and Ricoh copiers although having a smaller footprint are just as good when it comes to copier quality. Desktop photocopiers are great for small businesses and home-based business, they save space and have all the functionality needed for smaller print volumes

Why choose a Desktop Copier

By having a desktop photocopier your business will immediately benefit. These photocopiers will save you time, space and money. You don’t need to outsource your print and copier jobs and for many industries law requires that hard copies are kept for a certain period. You may be sacrificing some features when going the desktop copier route, but there still many features that will be invaluable to your business.


Desktop photocopier normally come with the following features;


  • Network scanning, emailing and copying

  • A3 printing and copies.

  • Multifunction that would include print, fax, scan and copy.

  • Automatic Document Feeding

  • Double-sided printing and copying

Multifunctional copiers and printers

Multifunction Photocopier (MFC)

When it comes to photocopiers there are many more functions that are available with regards to new copiers technology being released.

  • Internet connectivity

  • Scanning

  • Double sided copies and prints

  • Faxing

  • Emailing

  • Touch screen capability

Multifunctional copiers are the engine rooms of any business the efficiency that these photocopy machines can create in any business is unrivaled especially with the numerous functions they include today.

Should you rent or buy a Photocopier

To rent or to buy copiers? It is a very important decision for any business to decide whether they should rent or buy your photocopier.

Many small and medium businesses decide to rent a photocopier as it is more cost effective with regards to cash flow in their businesses as there can be a large capital outflow. Rental copier deals also come with service level agreements that make sure your photocopier always keeps running. Many parts must be replaced such as copier belts, drums toners etc as well as cleaning within a five-year period and these copier service contracts are invaluable.

Many copier suppliers also give customers the option to upgrade their photocopiers have way there the copier contract term.

You must make sure your copier service level agreement has things like maintenance and repairs included in the terms as some do not include this.

Next step?

If you’re looking for desktop copiers or standing multifunctional photocopier then you’ve come to the right place. By inputting your company copier requirements into our quote form, we’ll match you with leading South African copier suppliers who can meet your specific needs.

It takes just 60 seconds to complete, so you can get the best copier deals quickly and effortlessly.

Would you like us to do an assessment on your copier needs?

If you need us to help consult your business on what your copier requirements are. Book an appoint and we will help guide you on what the best copier products are, save you money and get the best service.

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