Need A Quote For An Insurance Claim?

Fill in your requirements, Qbox will then compare multiple office equipment quotes based on price, brand and service quality. Your business will receive the quote comparison via email. We assist in getting the best copier product and service provider for your business. It's that easy!

Insurance companies we do business with.

Save Time By Comparing Mulitple Quotes For Your Insurance Claim.


Qbox sources quotes on like for like products, for your insurance claim. We use the best trusted local suppliers to assist in getting your claim processed.

We work with most insurance company procurement teams to get claims processed quickly and easily.

All our suppliers are authorised brand resellers and service providers.

Insurance Claim Quotes for Your Business 

Authorised Certified Suppliers 

All our suppliers are ranked according to your ranking algorithm and based on customer feedback. We rank suppliers based on;


  • Price

  • Customer Service

  • Industry Knowledge

  • Customer wait time/speed and efficiency

  • Product range

  • After sales service.

Quick And Efficient, Gets Your Claim Processed  

Due to our strict ranking criteria we use only the best suppliers. One such important criteria is the speed and efficiency of the supplier. Our customers do not like to wait days for quotes in order for an insurance company to process a claim. Insurance companies have key KPI for customers wait time.

Qbox has insurance industry specialists that make sure all quotes are in the correct format and get processed as quickly as possible. Insurance companies love our efficiency and attention to detail when quoting for business equipment claims. 

Insurance companies tend to go with our replacement recommendations as we also get the priority pricing and discounts due to our supplier relationships. All in all, it is an extremely well oiled machine that we have spent years on perfecting.

Procurement Specialists 
  • Photocopiers & Printers

  • PABX & Telephone systems

  • CCTV

  • Computers & Laptops

  • Servers

  • Office Furniture

  • IT Equipment

  • Most business equipment

Would you like us to do an insurance claim assessment?

If you need us to help consult your business on your insurance claim. Book an appoint and we will help guide you on how to get the quotes completed, save you time and get the best service.

Need an instant quote for office equipment?


Are you looking for mulitple quotes for your PABX telephony system? 


We offer the best quotes on communication systems whether they are traditional, IP PABX, Hosted, or cloud based telephony systems.


We have the largest database of fibre and fix line connectivity suppliers.

Just input the specifications you require and we compare the best price and service for you. We will also consult your business on ranked service levels and quality.


Need a CCTV quote, we have got you covered. Just fill in your requirements and we will send you comparison quotes.

We source the best suppliers so you don't have to.

Click below and get your comparative quotes now.



Save Money

Compare copier quotes side-by-side and see where you can save.

Quick & Easy

A hassle-free view of copier prices and benefits in just three steps


Unbaised Result

There are no hidden fees and we look after your personal information.

Copier quotes are ranked by price, service rating, and track record.

Consult our useful article section.

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Qbox has data from hundreds of office equipment suppliers nationally, we can assist you to get the best quote on brand, quality and service. We use an unbiased rating system that assists with getting the best copiers, PABX and CCTV equipment suppliers for our clients.

Our number one goal is to protect clients and get them the best service possible at the best price possible

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