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How the photocopier has evolved into the digital age.

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

The photocopier has become as common as furniture in the workplace, it is the heart of any business. The most recent developments in printing technology are 3D printers, however we are still a while away from a 3D printer being in every office. In fact, basic printing technology hasn’t changed a great deal, not to say that printing has not advance into the digital age. The question is, why fix something that’s not broken?

How the photocopier has evolved

How the copier started

The photocopier was first seen in offices in the 1970’s. The truth is the photocopier is still very similar to what was first invented back then. Most changes have been superficial but the biggest change has been the entry of the multi-function combo of the printer and copier, which is still what we see today.

The advancement of new technology

The original photocopier used optical technology. The document would be loaded in, a light would shine from below and project the image onto a photosensitive drum. The drum would be electrically charged creating a negative similar to an old camera negative. Paper would be passed over the drum and also electrically charged to create negative image. However, the quality of this method had quality issues and historically never as crisp as digital printing.

Digital printers today scan an exact copy of the document, store it and print an exact replica. This method has enhanced the quality of printing immensely in the modern age.

Digital age

Technology has come a long way since the first copier was invented. Most copiers in offices now are multi-functional printers and combine a printer, copier scanner and fax with the addition of wireless technology.

With the invention of colour printing technology, and the high cost of colour toners. It is still unaffordable for many companies to have the newer printers in their offices. Many companies opt to rent these multi-functional colour machines which is much more affordable for the company’s bottom line.

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