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Qbox has data from hundreds of office equipment suppliers nationally, we can assist you to get the best quote on brand, quality and service. We use an unbiased rating system that assists with getting the best copiers, PABX and CCTV equipment suppliers for our clients.

Our number one goal is to protect clients and get them the best service possible at the best price possible

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Comparing Production Printing in 2019

Production Digital Printers

Production digital printers have always been second choice in industrial and commercial printing. Due to the fact the Digital production printers use inkjet systems the quality could never compare to the flat colour quality of Lithographic and flexographic printing. However digital production printing is fast becoming first choice for commercial printers. With the launch of the Konica Minolta Accurio production and label printer range, the Accurio model has completely changed the game. We have yet to find another machine that compares to the Accurio range in cost, quality and efficiency. As an unbiased comparison platform it is difficult for us to recommend any other digital production printer in good conscience, but we always recommend that you do your own home work and always ask for demos with any potential purchase. 

There are other competitors in the industry, namely being Ricoh and Epson, but when it comes to quality there is a noticeable difference in colour quality and banding in the print. The Mark Andy machines are very close, if not the same in quality as the Accurio range, however the Mark Andy comes with a hefty price tag almost double that of the Accurio, and there is unfortunately no local service centers available in South Africa, experts have to be flown in from Europe to service these machines and due to the reels being open, they do require cleaning more often.



Comparison chart - Digital production printers (Accurio 190) vs Flexographic printers

Other advantages of Digital production machines.

  • Cost per print of small run is same as large run.

  • Multiple jobs can run at once.

  • No special expertise needed in setting up a print job and no problems with colour registration.

  • Very large saving in print media as no colour registration problems.

  • No pre-print primer needed or curing.

  • Variable printing in job eg. barcodes and batch numbers can be added via imposing and composing.

  • No plate making.

  • Overall reduction in time

  • Extremely quiet

Whats the next step?

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the print industry and have our own in-house production print specialists. We have relationships with all production print suppliers. We set up VIP priority demos with these suppliers. Our goal is to save your commercial production print business money, time in operations whilst maintaining quality to your customers and an edge over your competitors and off course the longevity of your machines. Qbox has preferential rates with all dealers, we get the best price for our customers by allowing dealers to bid against each other.

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