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Top Photocopier suppliers 2019

Konica Minolta Photocopiers

Konica Minolta is a company based in Japan, they are well known for their photo, optical and multi-functional copiers or MFC. Konica Minolta are very well known in South Africa and run on a platform called Bizhub which assists customers if they are used to the platform it is an open platform and does not need to be re-learnt by staff when an upgrade takes place.

Konica Minolta has one of the largest footprints in South Africa and have 41 offices worldwide

Canon Photocopiers

Canon is a company also based in Japan. Can has been around for 29 years and have been leaders in cameras and photographic products. Canon have have extremely strong imaging and optical technology as they have specialised in this industry for decades. Canon still has the largest market share when it comes to photocopiers and are always innovating new technology. It is an extremely good quality range of colour and monochrome copiers and printers.

Xerox Photocopiers

Xerox is a company based in America, they are a research based company specialising in colour optical technology. Xerox became a name synonymous with the industry Many Americans would use the word 'Xerox' in place of the word copying. Xerox is pretty popular worldwide.

Kyocera Photocopiers

Kyocera was founded in 1959 in Tokyo, Japan. Kyocera manufacture many different products including mobile phone and solar panels and have been a main stay in the photocopier industry for many decades. They concentrate on the enviromenatal sustainability of their products. The use a platform called Managed document solutions or MDS for short and have a very comprehensive range of copiers.

Samsung Photocopiers

Samsung printing solutions started in the 1980s, Samsung photocopiers have evolved a lot since then. Fast printing, more eco-friendly devices, NFC-enabled devices and more, Samsung has consistently led the way when it comes to developing innovative solutions as well as document management platforms.

Brother Photocopiers

Brother is a hundred year old Japanese brand that became famous around the world for manufacturing sewing machines and dot matrix printers. Today they are well known for their copier technologies and office solutions. They have a history of quality equipment, and stay on top of the latest innovations in photocopying tech.

They do specialise in smaller models made for personal use or small businesses, Brother photocopiers are on of the most economical printers on the market but generally not recommended for large print volumes.

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